Anti-Drug Program Rewards "Defiant" Youth

D-FY-IT (Drug Free Youth In Texas)

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            Positive incentives to stay away from drugs are among the rewards offered to students through an innovative new program called DFYIT (pronounced "defy it," and which stands for Drug-Free Youth In Texas). 

            On ________________, 2006, students at  [middle school]  will have an opportunity to join this voluntary, student-run program.  D - FY - IT was inaugurated in Tyler, Texas in 1988.  Hailed as a success by community leaders, parents, and educators, but chiefly by the students themselves, the program attracted over 8,300 teenagers in Tyler and surrounding areas in the first 18 months. 

            Students who join will receive discounts on clothes, food, sporting goods, videos, records, movies, and more just by showing their DFYIT membership card to participating merchants.  To join, a student must complete all registration forms, including a parental permission slip, and submit a urine sample for drug testing.  The samples will be screened for traces of marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, and PCP.  Students who test negative for these drugs will be issued a DFYIT membership card within a few days.  The laminated cards are nontransferable and will carry the student's photograph and signature. 

            To ensure continued compliance with DFYIT's drug-free policy, members will be subject to random retesting.  All testing will be confidential, and results will not be available to the public or law enforcement agencies.  The goal of the DFYIT program is prevention, not prosecution.  DFYIT members who test positive for drugs will be retested.  Those who fail twice will lose membership privileges although they will be encouraged to join again.  Counseling will also be provided for students who fail the drug test.

            Every participating school will have a DFYIT chapter administered by an elected student board.  Representative from this board will work with community leaders and law enforcement officials to plan funding and set policy and procedures.  Membership will be free to all students.  Costs of the program will met through charitable contributions, fund-raising events, and community funds.


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