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Description of DFYIT Program

Teenage drug abuse -- a problem faced by parents, educators, law enforcement personnel,  businesses, and concerned citizens -- affects every community in the United States.  Eliminating this problem requires commitment, cooperation and innovative programs. 

DFYIT was created to meet this challenge.  DFYIT is a voluntary, community-based program to curb drug use among teenagers.  Based on rewards, not punishment, DFYIT is a program administrated by and for students with the guidance of adult advisors. 

Participating in DFYIT gives teenagers: 

            Positive alternatives to drug related activities

           Opportunities to develop leadership skills

          Ongoing positive communications with local law enforcement agencies and community leaders

           An effective forum for drug education and drug prevention 

To join DFYIT, a student registers for the program with parental consent and submits a urine sample for drug testing.  All testing is kept confidential.  If the test results are negative, the student is issued a DFYIT identification card, which includes the student's photograph and signature.  Card members are entitled to discounts for movies, food, and clothing as well as entry to DFYIT parties, rallies, and special events.  Peer support provides an equally important incentive.  Continued compliance with DFYIT's "no use" drug policy is reinforced by random re-testing.  Members who test positive from a urine sample will be denied use of their DFYIT card until they again test negative.  Free substance abuse counseling will be available and encouraged for students whose test results indicate some degree of drug use.