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Collection Procedure


 1.     Upon arrival at the collection site, present your identification to the collection monitor, who will then give you a specimen collection package.

 2.      Remove any unnecessary garments such as coats, sweaters, or jackets, and leave purses, books, or packages with the collection site monitor.

 3.      Open the collection package and complete the testing form and adhesive label by filling in your social security number and the date.  Please list all medications, prescription and non prescription, that you have taken over the past 30 days.  You may omit steroids and hormones such as birth control pills.  (You may use the brand name of the drug, such as Bayer aspirin or Contac.)  Please print all information.

 4.      Wash and dry your hands and then remove the cup form the collection package.

 5.      Enter the urination enclosure or restroom stall.

 6.      Urinate into the cup, filing it at least 2/3 full.

 7.      When you have obtained a urine sample, leave the toilet enclosed area and hand the sample to the collection monitor.

 8.      Remove the screw cap bottle from the package and place the adhesive label onto the bottle.

 9.      Unscrew the cap from the bottle.  Obtain your urine sample from the monitor and pour it into the bottle.

 10.    Replace the screw cap onto the bottle and tighten it so that it will not leak.

 11.    Give the specimen to the monitor, who will see that it is given to the laboratory for analysis.

 12.    Wash and dry your hands.